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Cutting Press Controls

Cutting Press Controls

CPA Control System

Cutting Press Analog
3 Axis Die Cutting System

The CPA control system was developed to replace an obsolete analog motion controls without changing the main drive system components.

In this example a 3 Axis Cutting Press, with a 486CPU STE bus based control system, with D.C analog drive amplifiers. The 486 CPU was replaced with a modern 10.4" touch screen CPU and I/O rack. 

Three old linear power supplies were replaced by a single 24V D.C supply.

The motion control loops for each drive were closed and controlled by the CPU unit from one 4 way Analog Output Card and 3 High speed ABR Counter Cards. All pushbuttons and valve controls were controlled from standard digital I/O.

The previous hard drive and external 3.5" floppy disk drive storage was replaced with a compact flash card and USB memory stick.

This control system was designed, installed and commissioned within a 4 week period

CPD Control System

Cutting Press Digital
2 Axis Die Cutting System

The CPD control system was developed to replace obsolete analog Motion Controls and all the old Drives and Motors.

The old control system for this machine was a dedicated CPU board with a single line text display, a separate motion control board, and a separate P.L.C controller. All the devices in the controller panel could no longer be supported. The machine also had a problems with the servo axis loosing control, and flying off into the machine end stops. The bulk of the machine mechanics were fine and would give many more years service.

In this example a complete new control panel was constructed, tested, commissioned and retrofitted to the machine. In this way we kept the machine running upto the point of installation.

The Motion Control, Control CPU, P.L.C and Visualisation were replaced with one unit.

The D.C motors and Drive units were replaced Digital A.C Brushless motors and Digital Drive Amplifiers.

This machine had previously no means of storing programs other than the battery backed memory system on the machine. The new control stores the machine programs to compact flash or USB memory devices.

The purchase of a new machine of this size and capacity would have involved a investment of upto 6x greater than refurbishing the control system.

(Control Panel Hmi and Control CPU)

(Control Panel I/O)