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New Systems


Master Control System

In this application a number of special purpose machines were placed around the edge of a rectangular robot safety enclosure. One robot takes parts from a vertical storage system and processes them through the first 2 systems until the second robot can advance the parts through the remainder of the cell.

All the finished parts had to have an individual identification mark printed on the side of the component. 

Every part is tracked through the system and parts are tested at each stage of the operation. All the part test results are stored in a file, on a P.C via ftp data link available over the factory Ethernet network

It was the task for Custec Design Ltd to design a master control system that would interface with all the different machine controls within the cell. 

All the system safety controls Emergency Stops, Guard Entry Safety and Robot Teach Controls would have to be coordinated from the one system.

Each machine had its own P.L.C control that would pass data back to the main control via an RS422 serial connection. Two additional work stations would be required to operate and enter parts into the system. 

A P.C based P.L.C was chosen as the main controlling component with 3 different high speed network connections. Nodes were placed in each machine cabinet with the required I/O and serial interfaces. Two small HMI units on canbus were placed at the operator stations. All the interlocking and safety systems were connected directly to each machine from the main control cabinet. All data was then recorded at each stage of the process and linked together in a *.CSV data file on the ftp server.